Short term loans can range from one week to twelve months and can be a critical source of much required capital for managing cash flow, paying off an urgent creditor, funding growth or an investment opportunity.

The funders we work with consider all applications for short term financing, including applicants with poor credit history and previous loan defaults. Our funders say yes to loans that major financial institutions don’t even look at.

Call us, we will be able to quickly determine your funding needs and capabilities and provide you with a choice of providers for you to speak to.

Depending on your circumstances, our providers may approve and settle your loan within as little as 24 hours.


You may be able to find the perfect short term financing solution regardless of the financial state of your business.

Major financial institutions have strict criteria that the funders we work with do not.

It’s never wise to ignore the possibility of getting funding for your business. Experience has taught us that many clients can access short term finance, even in unlikely scenarios, such as having:

  • a bad credit history
  • a bad history with banks
  • poor cash flow
  • outstanding business related tax
  • previous companies liquidated or a company in liquidation
  • directors facing bankruptcy
  • no real estate to provide as security
  • a current winding up application
  • a receiver appointed over their business
  • a need to enter into Voluntary Administration

There may still be funding hope for you and your company.

Short term finance can help you save your business or company and the funders we work with can help you obtain it!