Maximise Capital takes the issues of Mental Health associated with financial hardship very seriously.


If you are struggling with anxiety, depression or suicide then seek the assistance of a professional.

  • Contact you local doctor, hospital or medical practitioner;
  • Lifeline Australia
  • Beyond Blue


If you are experiencing financial hardship, have missed a repayment or don’t think you will be able to make your next repayment you should call your bank immediately. It is better to call sooner rather than later as there are generally more options available before you get into arrears and default on your loan.

Banks can help – they have specialist financial hardship teams. These are dedicated staff trained to take the time to understand your personal situation and provide you with assistance and information to help find the best possible solution to your circumstances.

A dedicated contact number has been set up to make it as easy as possible to get through to your bank’s financial hardship team.  The Australian Bankers Associate “ABA” have set up a website that may assist you .

If your financiers are not a member of the ABA then contact them directly.